Cold Weather Transition


Every season there is going to be a ton of staples to add to our wardrobes and, depending on which blogs and magazine you’re checking out, there are also those one or two major must-haves. Recently I sat in my fashion history class talking about cold weather trends in the early 1900’s, and I got to thinking about which pieces in my closet are my go-to’s when putting an outfit together, especially now moving into fall and winter.

Flats (especially black ones) have always been a staple for me for as long as I can remember, but for fall and winter specifically, I try to go for shoes that either cover the top of your feet, or have a good backing to them – like this pair from Zara.

Whether you’re someone who’s trend conscious or not, everyone’s gotta have a winter coat -especially here in Toronto with these crazy -25°C temperatures. For me trying to find a winter jacket that I liked AND will keep me warm had been a constant struggle up until about 2 years ago when I got just a classic wool coat similar to the one above from Sears! (not biased because this was way before I started working there ;)). It’s borderline over-sized and has that fluff material inside that feels like a big blanket over you. And on the topic of cozy, I also picked up two wool blanket scarf ponchos at Sears the other day that I can pair with just about anything!

Another essential that I’m completely into right now is the black tote bag. I use one from roots now for school and it works for all year round. Recently I bought some cute little pom-pom  key chains from a Michael’s craft store to add that’ll give it a more winter-y feel!

I hope this inspires you find those special pieces to complete  your A/W wardrobe! 

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